• Production of paper products in rolls
  • Thermal rolls for POS devices
  • Thermal rolls for ATM machines
  • Thermal rolls for fiscal thermal printers
  • Print ads on the back of the thermal roll (color)





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We have built standards for the production of thermal rolls with extreme precision throughout these years of operation; in the selection of thermal paper manufacturers, thermal paper cutting tools, machine maintenance methods and knife sharpeners. We have selected European paper manufacturers as the basic suppliers of BPA free and PHENOL free thermal paper, with which we have been operating for more than 20 years, for the needs of the domestic and foreign markets.



December 17, 2019 According to directive of European Union 2235/2016 by December 13, 2016, guidelines for further development of thermal paper is established with special concern regarding components used in production and with taking effect on January 02, 2020. Direct consequence of this directive is introduction of BPA thermo free paper on market as minimally requiring goods for public use in market of Europe Union. Besides existing alternative to forbidden BPA thermal paper, there is appearance of PHENOL free thermal paper with much improved characteristics of thermal paper. By October 2019, Fenix &Co has completely started to implement these guidelines and having in our offer BPA free thermal paper i PHENOL free thermal. On this way, we are trying to introduce the newest products on market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have years of experience in producing thermal rolls with quality that meets the most demanding market standards.
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Fenix & Co is offering different types of standardized products being made by the finest thermal paper and it corresponds with rolls for fiscal devices, ticket machine, ATM, parking machines as well as devices used in medical care with standardized dimensions of thermal rolls.




The bookstore has existed since 1996 with an offering that tracks market needs and quality as a lasting value that is accepted by customers. School supplies, stationery, textbooks, picture books, coloring books and toys are a standard range of retail located in Marshall Tito Street, Konjic.

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Fenix ​​& Co is a company committed to the development of new products and markets. Our primary activity is related to paper industry besides production of cash register rolls, in addition to thermal roll processing. Also there is trading with copy paper of different sizes or with thermal rolls corresponding products as labels. 

Besides paper products trading, Fenix & Co is committed on introducing of new products on market of South East Europe and different consulting processes related to managing of surplus and stocklots of goods, as for paper industry well as for other industries such as household appliances, clothes, plastic products etc.

If you are interested in cooperation or having some proposal for our company, please do not hesitate to contact us filling the pattern below.

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If you are interested in cooperation or having some proposal for our company, please do not hesitate to contact us filling the pattern.