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About us


Fenix & Co doo is established as company in the year 2000 as company for domestic and foreign trading. Two branches of company are being paralelly developed; retail sale branch as bookstore opening first one in Konjic (Marsala Tita bb street) and then further expansion fo bookstores in Konjic, Jablanica and Sarajevo. Second branch is related with setting up and continuously improving production capacity for converting of paper products with focus on cash register rolls and ATM rolls as well as rolls for other fast-printing devices. In 2002, company moved in new facility corresponding with developmental bullets of company. Because of markets transions in 2007, Fenix & Co reduced a number of bookstores on beginning bookstore while in same time company is developing production branch though acquisition of machines for producing of cash register rolls and color printing of rolls. Due to space insufficiency space in producing facility, at the end of 2007 year we were moving in current facility, in Industrial zone Igman. Due to market and sale increase, company has made renewing of producing machines fund at begging of the year 2010, introducing three half-automatic machines for producing of cash register rolls giving focus on production of bianco rolls.


Thermal rolls for POS devices


Thermal rolls for ATM machines


Thermal rolls for fiscal thermal printers


Print ads on the back of the thermal roll (color)

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our products on the market

Fenix & Co is offering different types of standardized products being made by the finest thermal paper and it corresponds with rolls for fiscal devices, ticket machine, ATM, parking machines as well as devices used in medical care with standardized dimensions of thermal rolls.

 Thermal rolls are classified according to three basic characteristics:


Paper weight is different according to purpose:
–       POS devices (46 g/m2, 48 g/m2, 55 g/m2, 58 g/m2)
 –       Tickets for lottery or parking machines (72 g/m2, 82 g/m2


Paper widths are standardized according to using machines by their manufactures :
57 mm, 59 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm


Paper length is adjusted according to needs of customer while lengths which are standard and basic in our offer are :
12 m, 18 m, 25 m, 30 m, 35 m, 40 m, 50 m, 60 m, 80 m, 90 m, 200 m, 300 m

Classification is based on duration of imprint written by POS devices meaning that receipt can be kept on period of five, seven, ten, twelve or twenty years in appropriate circumstances.

Recently another classification of thermal paper has appeared. It is related with presence of certain molecules in paper, actually presence of different types of phenol in paper. That is why we can make three groups of thermal paper:

–       BPA thermal paper
–       BPA free[1] thermal paper
–       Phenol free thermal paper

According to the newest guidelines in production of thermal paper, group which contains Bisphenol A in its paper – BPA thermal paper is forbidden on market of European Union.

Regarding core of rolls which we use, there are two standardized types: polyvinyl chloride PVC ili paper roll. All cores have widths of 12 mm.

[1]  There is one another term used on market for this paper group – BPS thermal paper BPS thermal paper